"Walter" had a colic again, we had to take him to Slöinge...again. Rich and Clair are gone on competitions, so me and Michael took him. He wasn't very good, but once we came there he was anyway slightly better. I stayed for 2 hours, then I went home packed some stuff and went back again. We keept him on a colic-journal, so I also learned something. I went home again after 3½ hours, because they decided to move him up to the mainbuilding, since the anyway were going to stay there for another horse, so then they could keep an eye on him too. That's nice of them, I think, but I would have liked to stay eitherway. But they sent me home around 01.00 in the morning.
I really hope that he in some miraculous way gets well and recover, but...I don't know, I just think that he's better of somewhere else. It's a shame on such a nice horse.

Västerås 2008

Farmor fyllde 80, så vi for för att hälsa på henne. Det var en låång och varm resa och inte en rygg var torr innan vi kom fram. Efter köttbullsätande, blomstershopping, kjolshopping och fikande, belägrade vi ett bord på Westerqwarnens veranda. Det åts oxfilé, kyckling, fisk och hamburgare. Gott gott. Kusiner, faster Lotta och farbror Harry från Tyskland var också med, kul att träffa dem igen, blir allt för sällan.

Oma hat 80 gefeuert und wir waren dabei ihr zu treffen. Dass war ein ganz lang und heiss fahrt, und keine ruck hat tocken sein voher wir da gekommen war. Nach essen, shoppen und kaffetrinken haben wir auf den Weranda des Westerqwarnen platz genomen. Da haben wir (auf jeden fall ich) gut gegessen. Kusinen, tante Lotta und onkel Harry auf Daeutschland waren auch dabei, schön die alle wieder zu sehen, es wirt nicht oft.

Hope you're quite happy with those translations...I won't take it in English, sorry. Or maybe..ok, I'll give it a try.

Grandma' turned 80 so we went to see her. It was a loong and really hot trip and not a single back were dry at the arrival. After meatballeating, flowershopping, skirtshopping and coffe, we took place around the table at Westerqwarnens veranda. There was chickeneating, fish, hamburger and beef on the menu and I at least found it delicious. Cousins, aunt Lotta and uncle Harry from Germany were also there, nice to see them again, it's way to seldom(?).



Bob the Builder

Schau mal, bin ich gut oder was :)  (mum hat aber auch ein bisschen getan)

Pictures as promised

Ok, so here comes some of the pictures I promised.

This... my dad as you normaly see him, with a camera of course!
So, we went by car, first to Lund to see what the town had to offer. It's a really nice town, but I was a bit disappointed, maybe because of the weather. The day was mostly grey and rainy with a few hints of the sun.
We anyway went to see the Bothanic Garden and took loads of photos of all the beautiful flowers.

After we drove by Flyinge for a walk around the stables and(!) then out of nowhere they've buildt a new indoor arena. Or at least I didnät know about it. It was really speciall and really big. Take a look..

We decided to put up the tent in Limhamn, outside Malmö, when we anyway were going to spend our Saturday there. The night is a complet other story, which I'll tell you sometime, but not today. What I can say is that I had to spent the night in the car, instead of the tent, because of a cat, rabbits and probably a duckling (or headgehog..don't really know).

Friday ended with rain, Saturday begann with rain, but actually came to be a nice day. We walked through parks, had a coffée at a music-café, bought mosquitospray and (yeahe) i had a nice sleep in the tent.

Sunday came with sunny weather! Lovely! We had breakfast with fresh bread from the campingshop, packed our tent and, began out trip to Falsterbo Horse Show...

(Breakfast outside out tent, before we went on to Falsterbo)

Peter Eriksson - Camiell Flamingo Z. Beautiful horse but today he didn't do very well, a couple of knockdowns.

Helena Lundbäck - --. Don't remember the name of the horse, never seen it before.

Malin Bayard Johansson - Espri. They too did't have a good round. Too bad, the horse is cute.

Royne Zetterman - Isac. He's such a nice horse, if I don't remember totally wrong, they came second after Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.


Skåne vacation

So here comes a really short report from this weekends minivacation in Skåne (I'll be back with a longer one with some more pictures tomorrow).

Rocky found Malmös sticks very "chewable" and surley enjoyed the Town of the Parks.

But even a little dog as Rocky gets really exhausted sometimes, this time because of all the rabbits in skåne, which you have to keep an eye on. Phu, hikinglife is tough...

Hang on 'til tomorrow fellows :)


Jetzt fahren wir auf vaccation. Obwohl der Tag nicht super angefängt hat, hoffe ich trotzdem dass es besser wird.
So schöne wochenende alles.

My volunteer-work

These are my friends at the Walber-yard. Enjoy!


Maybe you should keep them on cause Chaggi looks a bit sleepy...

Richard, Chagall and Clara

Good boys!

Michael and Hanni...Hunni...Hannie? Hanna?

One big ass and one small. No comments...haha

Auf deutsch

Ich hab mich überlegt ob ich meine blogg weiter auf deutsch oder englisch schreiben wurde, und Ich fint es ganz cool dass zu machen. Vieleicht gibt es leute aus Deutschland dass meine blogg lesen wollen und dann sind es ja es shade wenn die garnichts verstehen!

(Und wann du Lotta, oder Karoline..oder Harry, liest können sie mich gerne sagen wann ich was falsch schreibe, desswegen lern ich auch wass)

So, ja, who fäng ich denn an. Ja, gestern war ganz toll haha. War am abent im Stall bis 22.55, hab "Anaconda" geguckt (ja, also nicht IM Stall aber mit die leute who da arbeitet) irgendwie, nach den film fährt ich so nach hause. Aber, am 23.30 ruft der Richard mich an und sagst: who bist du denn, wir sind im Bar, komm hier wann du willst. So es war nur die kleider noch mal zu anziehen und noch mal zum Stall fahren, aber es hat spaz gemacht! Rocky hat auch noch mal die ganze morgen mit seine hundfreunde gespielt, fand er super!!

(Lotta was sagst du so weit?)

Heute sind die letzte tag arbeiten voher urlaub! und morgen fahren Ich und vater nach Skåne am "minivaccation", am Sonntag bleiben wir den ganzen Tag am Falsterbo Horseshow. Jetzt sagt er doch dass es die ganze wochenende scheissewetter wirst. Geil!...nicht. Montag wirst aber schön...

Ja, dann, schönen Tag noch alles :D

Bild des Tages:

Sunday best

Saknar gitarrspel, saknar långa nätter med te och islandsbröd, saknar förr. Jag vill inte bli vuxen, jag vill inte klara mig själv, jag vill inte. Eller så vill jag bara slippa vara ensam.

"it's funny with you, when you find a guy who likes you you don't like him". Ha, ja precis, that's me.

Nu får jag faktiskt ta mig samman, det blev lite ledsamt det här inlägget.

Idag har jag betat Walter och busat med Coolman, som även fick en riktig frisering. Fin blev han och hade jag haft pengarna så hade jag köpt båda två på en gång, fiiina hästar är dom.
Rocky och har jag tränat tillsammans med Paulina och Ludde. Han är så fin Ludde, jag får återkomma med bilder.

Dagens bild:



Me myself

foto: Hanna Fredin                                     

duktig min syster är på att ta kort!                              

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