Tereza Huclova

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Horse quotes


There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill

If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong. ~Pat Parelli

Oh no!!!

You think you know what you want and when you get it you're really sure of that "this" is everything what you wanted. But the truth is, that in the end of the day you'll never ever get everything you want. In all honesty, I think that is the best thing for everyone.

So how was the list again:
- never ever trust anyone
. don't get children
- don't get married
- never confide in anyone
- never get dependenced of anyone

Oh dear, this doens't sound good, but safe anyway.

Normaly I longe E, J, C, C and ride A. Tack up M, B, I, L, Q for Rich and P and V for S-G. I sweep the yard, clean tacks, pick up stuf with the jumpy that needs to be picked up. Normaly I don't do so much washing cause normaly it's allready done when i get there. Sometimes I take the tractor and do the arena and sometimes i build jumps/fences and help S-G and Rich when they jump. Sometimes I clean up in the feeding room and sometimes I rake the corners in the arena. I never takes smoking-breaks and I'm never on the internet during "working hours". I'm normaly, no, i'm ALWAYS the last one of us to leave the stable so how anyone can say that i don't do much work in the stable...that's f*ing bullshit!
I do what I'm told to do and if  I haven't got anything to do I'll find something to do. If this is something else than the others are asked to do then, sorry, but it's not my problem. But now it suddenly become, how??? And yeah, I do ride Qs sometimes, I did it 3 times because M asked me if I wanted. And yeah, one more thing, I work on my "days off" to. This is it, if you want to work with horses you allways have to be prepered to work, even in the middle of the night, horses doesn't turn off, I'm sorry but this is not a job where you "get off" at 6 pm and that's it, or? Obviously for some people, but not for me, I care to much.
Oh, sorry, I was also the one who got up with Rich at 01.00 in the morning to prepare two horses who were leaving for a one week show.
Does it show?? Can you tell I'm a bit pissed off??

By the way, did I say I really like my job? because I do!

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