Deep conversations are for me, normaly, not very funny, they have a tendency to end up very unconvinient. Therefore I try to go around them, if I can. But the situation is that somehow it doesn't matter, cause in a very strange way I seem to get myself in to thoose situations anyhow, even how much I try. It seems as this is something you can't avoid in life.
I know one more person who tries to do the same as me, but this person works it out much better than me.
How could this be?
Is there a secret somehow? or do I have to learn to be more shallow?
Anyhow, yesterday's conversations didn't end up so bad as I thought it would, but if it took me any further, I honestly don't know. I don't really care either, I'm just glad I got out of it without loosing more of myself.

Photosessions on the jumpingarena

Oh, it was quite a long time since I wrote now, a lot of things is happening..or not really but I my days seems to fill up them self with a lot of things to do. Time really goes by fast now a days.
Up in the morning, tack up horses, longe horses, groom horses, clean tacks, feed horses, sweep the yards, wash saddlepads/boots/rugs, serve the blacksmith, go for horsefood, a s o. We have now 23 horses in the stable, 20 of them belongs to us. That's not that much, could be more, but they keep us working all day.

Today, this evening I had a photosession with Tereza and Chopper. Results?



Rocky has vacation today, from the stable. So he's with my dear sister at my dad's place, I heard they went for a longlong walk and he also got a quite bright yellow rug so everyone can see him running about. So I guess he's probably soon known as Rocky The Rocket, with a reason. My crazy little dog. he was quite happy today though, the blacksmith was in the stable today and that means "yummie yummie" for all happy dogs, hoofrests and cut frogs (not frogs frogs but frogs as in what the horse has underneath their hoofs). Delicious says Rocky, I don't really know cause I am the one wiping up the sick from the floor...but but, whatever makes him happy. Yesterday he got Lasangette. Yeah I gotta spoil him in someway now that he's not alowed in the bed anymore.

Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy the weekend!

Latenight activitys

Klára and Rich in the stable, please don't ask me what they're up to, wouldn't be able to answer.

New stuf: Klára is going home. OH NOOOOO! How will we ever manage without her!? We'll be on skype 24hours a day, or at least a couple hours per day. "Klára where is that" "Klára how do I do this" "Klára when are you coming baaaack".
No honestly, I think we'll manage, but we'll miss our little ClaireBear.

Ops, of to the horses...

Was heisst denn Mittelerweile...gibt es schon?

Jag har fått jobb. Det gäller nog bara att hålla ut tillräckligt länge.
(Paus, hämtning av hästar från skrittmaskinen)
Som sagt, det gäller att hålla ut och ta lite skit först, det är faktiskt så, tyvärr. Nu har jag i alla fall jobb.

Also, Ich hab jetzt arbeit gekriegt, mit die Pferden auf diese hoof (Glommen). Alles müssen also immer schon ein bisschen scheisse sein voher es gut wirt.
Gestern waren ich schon wieder beim Tierartz im Halmstad, Ich wird langsam profi mit der Anhänger zu fahren, schon gut! Diesen mal war es doch mit die Louises Pferdchen, Wilma, sie hatte im Knie inflamation, immer sind es was mit diese Pferden, echt.
Sonst sind alles im ordnung...ach ja, so wie es immer sind, haha.

Wann Sie schönen Bilden sehen will, dann gucken Sie am besten auf diesen site http://callemedse.blogg.se/index.html. Er schreibt auch echt gut, gemüliche Geschichten.


The question is not what we're looking at, the question is what he's looking at.

This must be how it feels sometimes, you try and try to get out of whatever traped you. Very often something self-inflicted. Meanwhile you're in there you probably soon panic, but there's nothingelse to do than look at the people outside, they somehow look so different. Hopefully a nice soul comes for your resque and let you out. Sadly, that's not always what's happen. Sometimes noone comes to resque you and sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try. But always remember, you got yourself into the situation.

Walber Team - Geocaching

I think, or what I've heard, there is a few of you (people who acually read my blogg) who don't understand what (the hell) we are doing, so this is it, this is Geocaching: http://www.geocaching.se/

i won't write any further today cause were on to watch The Lord of The Ring-part two.

Micro and multi

Yesterday, was yet another geocaching-evening. We did three...and a half. Fist two really simple once, then one which demanded some climbing, REALLY HIGH!


Then I wanted to go for the multicach, but Clair kept telling it was really difficult, but I was stubborn and kept nagging and eventually got my will through. Multicach means you have to do fist one task to find out the coordinates for the real cach. So, the hints for this multicach was: Birch and oak (Björk och ek) and it also said it was for people who liked climbing. Super! So we found the fist tree, The Birch. Me and Rich started to climb, haha, simple thing to get up, not that simple to get down. Anyway, in the "top" of the birch we found a metallplate which told us some new coordinates, Presumably to the main cach we thought, so we looked at the "tomtom" and started to walk.
Normal people (which doesn't include us) would have taken a look at the coordinates and established that "aha, this is a bit in that direction, a rater long bit so let's go back to the car, go along the road and see if we can get any closer". But this is as I said, for normal people, sane people, boring people. But we are doing (what we call) extreme geocaching so we jumped over stonewalls, walked over fields, almost got eaten by evil cows, struggled through the woods and finally got closer to our goal.
Alas, even though we bumped in to another pro-geocacher,  we weren't able to find our cach. I got darker and darker until we couldn't see nothing at all. So once again...

To be continued...

A puzzle

What is one dozy Englishman, one crazy Czech and one blond Swede doing in the dark, by the light house with a "tomtom" two mobilephones and without a torch?


Yeah, that's right, looking for a cach and today we went back found that one and two more. So let me proudly present...

The Walber-team

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